Who plans, wins…


Günther Pichler, born in 1962, lives with his family in Vienna. His motto is "Live, enthuse and win". In order to enjoy work, process management is required.

1. Auflage 2020


Autor: Günther Pichler

Executives want to increase their knowledge and read the maximum amount of books possible. Unfortunately, reading is time-consuming, and many people lack the excess time to do so. Due to this lack of time, only 30% of most books will be read. Speed reading workshops teach people how to find the significant information in the text whileskipping over the unnecessary „fluff".

The author describes himself as a hands-agmatist. So this book attempts to avoid all „fluff" and only provide readers with useful information.


  • Systematic strategy development
  • Sales and revenue planning
  • Internal cost allocation
  • Reporting options

1. Auflage 2020 | Artikelnummer: 10379-0001 | ISBN: 9783648135082